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What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is an advanced therapy that specializes in posture and chronic pain.  Over the years we accumulate injuries & experiences that shape us both physically & psychologically. Rolfing attempts to unbind those historical events that obstruct normal function in the body.  Using only our hands, we apply direct contact to the connective tissues in the body in order to reshape your body’s natural alignment. Our goals are to improve posture and movement.

Simply put, Rolfing alleviates tension & pain by addressing the imbalances in your body.

Through a series of sessions we reset the body’s natural alignment, eliminating the root cause of chronic tension and pain.  We do all this by releasing and repatterning the connective tissues in your body.  We assist clients in becoming aware of their habitual patterns and how to correct the most harmful habits. This creates a starting point for new posture and for new movement in their body.

Rolfing may be different from some other therapies in that it deals with the whole body, not only specific parts and does so in a harmonious way.  Rolfing can fix ailments and reconditions the body in a way that it will have long lasting results.  That is why for the full effect of Rolfing, we advocate a series of 10 sessions.  After the tenth session there should be semi-regular maintenance sessions or “tune-ups” to ensure that the body does not go back to its old posture and bad habits.

People have been coming to Rolfing for the last 40 years because because this method provides lasting results in changing the way you feel and move.  Many who come to Rolfing have exhausted all other efforts in dealing with their alignment and chronic pain. Many people just want to live more comfortably in their body, with more energy and self-confidence.

Rolfing has been featured on Oprah, in the New York Times, Vogue Magazine, and the Today Show.  Famous people from Willie Nelson to Denis Leary have endorsed Rolfing.  Athletes from Charles Barkley to Michelle Kwan to the Minnesota Vikings have utilized Rolfing to gain better athletic performance.  There are not many Rolfers around. We are in small numbers.  Training to become a Rolfer™ requires a rigorous, intensive training in accordance with standards and certification of The Rolf Institute.  There is only one Rolf Institute in the US.  Fewer than 50 Rolfers graduate per year.

There is a growing amount of mainstream scientific research being conducted on the effectiveness of Rolfing Structural Integration.

But more importantly, the evidence is provided by hundreds of thousands of people that live a better life thanks to the benefits of Rolfing.

*The American Physical Therapy Association showed “Rolfing speeds in recovery of damaged tissue”.

*The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

“Rolfing provides sustained pain relief with lower back problems”.


One of the most common benefits of the Rolfing process is better posture. Rolfing is not about strict rules of posture, but about self-awareness of the intelligence that is inherent within your body.

Your body is creating itself from moment to moment in how you use it. You can gradually make a transition from a state of worsening pain and stiffness to one that is easier and has more structural integrity.

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What to Expect

Because we are working with long held patterns of strain in the body, sometimes this work can be intense.

This work is a partnership: I use my hands and words, while you will be asked to bring your awareness and your movement. We will work with the layer of tissue that is available to be worked with. The goal of Rolfing is not to go deep in the tissues just for the sake of going deep, but to bring better organization and function to the body by utilizing the inherent plasticity of the connective tissues. The work is like a dance, together we will discover how to release your tension. Rolfing is a co-responsibility endeavor between client and practitioner. I will try to follow your comfort level. If the work becomes more intense than you comfortable are with, you need to be in charge and let me know.

Many times Rolfing does not feel intense at all, but can actually be a pleasurable feeling of relief from long held tension. This can be deeply relaxing.

How it Works

Rolfing® seeks to organize the body so that gravity reinforces the body instead of tearing it down. We do this by manipulating the fascia or connective tissue of the body, releasing long held patterns. We also help this process by using movement education to engage the nervous system in new ways and offer new potential options for movement in daily activities.